Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Band Aid for the Soul

I can deal with my bag,
Thank you.
The man at the gate looks at me.

I’m wearing earrings that
Two of my exes,
Were somewhat fond of.

My sweater,
Is a little too big.
It insists on resting off
My left shoulder.
I don’t mind.
I’ve never had an issue with my shoulders.

Let’s see what we have here,
Pink walls,
Overflowing ashtrays,
A cloying room freshener.

The woman at the reception is distracted.
She doesn’t pay attention
When I tell her
That I have a room booked in my name.
She keeps looking at the door
Which keeps swinging from my entry.

Guessing her perplexity,
 I say, I’m by myself.
Oh, she says.
She looks at me,
At my earrings,
And finds her answer in the band aid that
My sweater has decided to reveal.
She furrows her brow a little.
I practice my smile on her.
© Rasagya Kabra, January 25, 2012
एक अजनबी झोंके ने जब
पूछा मेरे ग़म का सबब,
सेहरा की भीगी
रेत पर,
मैंने लिखा
~ Ghulam Ali